I posted some interview prep materials on LinkedIn. Then they deleted me.

I’m the founder of a company called interviewing.io. We’re an anonymous mock interview platform and a technical recruiting marketplace — software engineers use us for interview practice, and we connect the best performers to top companies, regardless of how they look on paper. Content has always been a big part of who we are. We’ve […]

The unvarnished, unbundled guide to hiring tools

I get a lot of questions about which hiring tools do what and how they’re different from each other, so I decided to draw an ugly, yet handy, picture (see below). By the way, the reason this post has “unbundled” in the title is that many hiring tools, in part because we’re all on the […]

Thinking about attending a coding bootcamp? Ask them these questions first.

I get a lot of emails from prospective career changers who’ve read my stuff (especially the one in Forbes where I went off about how MS degrees in computer science are snake oil) asking for advice about breaking into software engineering. Many of them ask about bootcamps. Almost all are surprised by the harsh reality […]

How to write stuff that gets on the front page of Hacker News

EDIT: This piece did indeed make it to the front page of Hacker News in a meta victory. Thank God. Hi. My name is Aline, leeny on Hacker News. My team at interviewing.io and I have written a lot of stuff, and most of it has been on the Hacker News front page — of […]