Blind Hiring, While Well Meaning, May Create Unintended Consequences

"Aline Lerner is one of the people at the forefront of the blind hiring movement in Silicon Valley. She built… [to let] companies interview job candidates anonymously…" Continue reading

Breaking up Silicon Valley’s white boy’s club, one interview at a time

"'I don’t know if we should get rid of them entirely, but résumés as a first-pass filter should be completely done away with,' Aline Lerner, creator of, says…" Continue reading

The Boss Doesn’t Want Your Résumé

"During her years as a… recruiter, Aline Lerner found firms ignored talented technologists if they lacked degrees from elite schools or experience with tech giants [and] struggled to persuade startups to consider candidates who had gained skills through alternative routes…" Continue reading

8 Things Every Tech Recruiter Should Know

"This job is ethically gross. You will be tempted to do all sorts of things that you found to be abhorrent before embarking down the agency recruiting path. And the more you see them being done around you, and if you ever do them yourself, it’s a slippery slope…" Continue reading
Fast Company

How Can Recruiters Grab Engineers’ Attention? With More Money (Duh)

"Aline Lerner found that if an engineer has a $120,000 preferred salary, an offer that is $10,000 above that leads to a 20% higher chance of him or her…even accepting an initial interview request…" Continue reading
Huffington Post

What Is a Great, Real-Life Love Story?

A story about two friends who dropped everything, became scientists, and dedicated their lives to finding a cure when one of them was diagnosed with a rare and fatal genetic disease. Read it!
Fast Company

Bringing Israelis And Palestinians Together With Mobile Apps

Video interview with one of the founders of MEET, an amazing program that brings together Israeli and Palestinian high school students through code. I taught at MEET for 2 summers, and my sound bite starts at 0:55. Watch it!

How Different Is A B.S. In Computer Science From An M.S. When It Comes To Recruiting?

"One tempting option is to try to get an MS from a top computer science school to legitimize yourself on paper. If you actually are passionate about programming, I would urge you not to do that…" Continue reading

Obama Inc.: What businesses want to learn from the president’s campaign

"Aline Lerner… says that having the campaign on one’s resume is 'definitely attention-getting… particularly in a field that’s not known for being very technology-forward'…" Continue reading