In defense of Palantir… or why the Department of Labor got the wrong man

On September 26th, the U.S. Department of Labor filed a suit against Palantir Technologies, alleging that Palantir’s engineering hiring practices discriminate against Asian applicants. I don’t have any salacious insider information about this suit, but I do have quite a bit of insight into how technical hiring works. Palantir and the DOL are really arguing […]

A founder’s guide to making your first recruiting hire

Recently, a number of founder friends have asked me about how to approach their first recruiting hire, and I’ve found myself repeating the same stuff over and over again. Below are some of my most salient thoughts on the subject. Note that I’ll be talking a lot about engineering hiring because that’s what I know, […]

Engineers can’t gauge their own interview performance. And that makes them harder to hire.

Note: This post is cross-posted from interviewing.io’s blog. interviewing.io is a company I founded that tries to make hiring suck less. I included it here because it seems like there’s a good amount of thematic overlap. And because there are some pretty graphs. interviewing.io is an anonymous technical interviewing platform. We started it because resumes suck […]

What happens when you stop relying on resumes

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’ve come to rely quite heavily on data. I’ve counted typos on resumes, I’ve sifted through a corpus of engineering offers, and I’ve skimmed thousands of recruiting messages to tag them by personalization level. This post, however, is going to be a bit of […]

How to interview your interviewers

I recently had the utterly terrifying experience of giving a guest lecture to an MIT computer science class on technical communication/public speaking. To my relief, things went quite well, and it was awesome to peel back the curtain a bit and give students a perspective on what actually happens inside companies when they’re hiring. Before […]