What I learned from reading 8,000 recruiting messages

If you’ve ever been involved in hiring software engineers, you know how frustrating the process can be. One of the toughest parts is getting candidates’ attention. In an effort to understand what makes engineers respond to some recruiting messages and not others, I teamed up with the fine folks at Hired. Hired is a 2-year-old […]

Hire from your user base

Recruiting great engineers is hard. You might guess that the hardest part is finding great people, but with the advent of LinkedIn, GitHub, and a number of search aggregators, it’s actually not too bad. The really hard part is finding great people who are likely to be interested in what you’re doing. To that end, […]

Review of Lever

Note: This post was adapted from a review I wrote on Quora. This is a review of Lever, my favorite applicant tracking system (ATS). ATSs suck There are a lot of bad ATSs out there. I’ve tried out most of them at this point, and I’m consistently shocked at how they manage to stay in […]

Silicon Valley hiring is not a meritocracy

Note: This post was adapted from an answer I wrote on Quora. EDIT: I’m working on something that I hope will make things better. Check out interviewing.io. I’ve been hiring people in some capacity for the past 3 years. First, I was doing it as an engineer, then as an in-house recruiter, and now as […]

Review of CoderPad

Note: This post was adapted from an review I originally wrote on Quora. I recently found out about CoderPad, a collaborative coding tool that lets you run your code as you go and is particularly handy for technical interviews. Here’s what I thought of it. Interviewing is hard I’ve been on both sides of the […]